Meet Chloe!

"You remind me of the babe. what babe?

The babe with the power." - jareth, the goblin king

Me & My Approach.

Hiyaaaaaa - I'm Chloe, an alternative photographer from Bristol. My style of photography is super laid back as I believe the most important part of the day is you. I'm often described as a Ninja, not seen but in the right places at the right time.


I want to be your badass friend who will help you with whatever you need on the day, the friend who laughs with you,  the friend who throws some shapes with you on the dance floor and the friend who just so happens to be able to take really good photos. 

Things I Fucking Love.

Tattoos, horror movies, leopard print, video games, Bowie (in all forms, Jareth the Goblin King will always have my heart), murder podcasts, Prince, All things DRAG, pizza, netflix binging, black, skulls, collecting vintage cameras.

Random Facts About Me!

Back in my Emo days, I once dyed my hair 15 times in one year.  


I live with four cats but they're all my mums! Harry, Gizzy, Charles, and Sasha. 


I met my first celebrity when I was only 2. It was Shadow from The Gladiators (fucking LOVED that show)

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Photo by Chloe Lee Photo

Photos by Amy Sanders Photo


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